Ideas for New Posts — Part the First

“I am not an actuary, but I play one on TV”.

I like to say this, even though it’s not true (the TV part). But I get some things about data that actuaries like to dig into that end up being fun challenges in Excel. One of the biggest learning experiences for me over the last few years has been “how to best query, organize, and analyze my_metric in the context of ‘root year’, calendar year, and ‘dimension x’ ?”

I have recently migrated my core preference from pivot table to (in Excel 2007 and hopefully later) Excel Tables, the entities formerly known as lists. Tables and structured references are not only viable replacements for the former, they have some syntactical qualities that make them superior. In the right context of course.

So, in keeping with the ambiguity of the title, “stay tuned” hah ha.

p.s. some typo fixes


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