Why Pie Charts are (Usually) a Bad Idea (Part 2)

This is part 2 on this topic. Click here for Part 1.

I concede, a pie can be an acceptable way to get a message across as long as the message is simple. There are other limitations as well.

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Why Pie Charts are (Usually) a Bad Idea (Part 1)

My mentors have already written well on this topic. Here, I share some bits that resonated with me.

Pie charts are among the most sought-after and brandished charts in the corporate world, and, I have noticed, in the marketing materials of information graphic software publishers as well.

However, among serious information graphic designers the overwhelming opinion about pie charts is they are at best a poor choice. The reasons for this are amply documented in the in the blogosphere, and someday I will post references.

Meanwhile, I find the persistent popularity of pie charts to be profoundly strange. I will talk about this in two posts.

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